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I just bought a Kingsis product and it is not working for my Windows XP properly.

Usually, our device may appear to be defective when it is not. Please check following issues:

  1. Checking the Connections: Making sure the device is plugged in; make sure the device is plugged into a port that the device supports. For example, some Kingsis mice do not function on a serial port and cannot be adapted. If you are unsure what port your device connects to, the system requirements, including the supported connections, are listed on the product box. If you are using an adaptor to connect the device to a port that is not supported by the product hardware, remove the adaptor and connect it to the proper port. If you do not have an available port required by the product, you may wish to consider exchanging the device for a different model through your point of purchase.
  2. Try it on other systems: The next important step in determining if a device is defective is to test it on other systems. For some products, you do not need to load any device software. Kingsis mice do not require the packaged software for basic functionality; the native operating system drivers are enough to determine basic functionality.


Do I need to install any software to get the mouse detected and working on my computer system?

No, all Kingsis mice can use the native drivers supplied by the operating system you are using. Additional software are only needed if you wish to use the additional features the software provides, such as button assignments, shortcuts, internet keys, and other features.


The mouse does not work on the PS/2 port of my laptop.

This problem is usually due to the internal pointer (Touchpad, Trackpoint, etc.) on the notebook remaining on when an external mouse is present. What should happen is that the internal pointer should shut completely off when the external mouse is attached when the notebook is powered on. This is a setting that can usually be changed in the BIOS of the notebook or in some cases a hardware configuration utility in Windows. You will need to check with your notebook manufacturer as to where you modify this setting on your particular notebook


I found my mouse has conflict with my other hardware as it gives problem, how do I check it?

You may check the problem by the following steps:
Go to My Computer -> Select Control Panel -> Select System -> Select Device Management -> Select Mice and other pointing device -> You will see "port mouse" -> Double Click "...port Mouse"
Select Resource on the screen, then you may find conflict information if there is any.
Note: If it shows confliction with other hardware, then you will need to assign an IRQ for it.


Can Kingsis mice work on USB 2.0?

Kingsis mice are built on USB 1.1 standards; if your main board supports USB 2.0, please go BIOS change the USB to low or USB 1.1. Or update your BIOS to newest version.


The LCD of my optical mouse is still on after I shut down my computer, is it normal? How do I turn it off?

It means your computer still provide a low voltage to your optical mouse, even though your computer is completely shutting down. Please contact your main board provider to solve the problem.


I just go a Kingsis USB optical mouse, how do I use a connector to connect other ports, such as PS/2 port?

The chip Kingsis uses that supports both USB and PS/2 port. You might consider to use a Kingsis connector to make it work.


The cursor of my optical mouse jumps on desktop, what is the problem?

Please check the material under your mouse, if it is a mirror or red surfaced material, try a piece of normal paper.


My mouse works fine through ps/2 port, but sometime it moves a bit slow through adapter to serial port, what's wrong?

Usually, our device may appear to be defective when it is not. Please check following issues:

  1. It is a normal phenomenon; the serial port on the main board transmits information slower than ps/2 port. You can set it faster by the following steps: "my computer -> control panel -> system -> device manager -> port (COM & LPT) ->communication port (COM) -> ", then chooses communication port (COM)?and double-click it, select "communication port set" on the dialogue window. You can reset the speed for this port, the default value is 9600 and you can set it as maximum speed as 128000.
  2. Most of Kingsis mice come with a easy switch at the bottom, simply switch the key and the resolution will be fine.

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